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Thank you for visiting my Fine Art sales site!

~ Clicking a photo will show a medium view with title and description. A menu bar will appear when you hover on the image with a "Buy" option that shows you the "Product Price List". To see a large view of the photo just click on it, clicking once more gets back to the medium view.

~ Clicking "Buy" shows the "Product Price List". (The list is a long one so you have to scroll to see all your choices. Clicking a product title shows a picture of it to the right with description. Select the quantity to the left.)

~ Once a quantity is selected a "Sub-Total" will be listed in the lower left corner, and you can either "Add and Go to Cart" or "Add and Continue Shopping". Only at this point will something actually be in your cart! Here is where you can choose things like how you want to crop it (including the orientation), convert to B&W, and many other ways to make it just the way you want! If you chose a product dimension that is different than the original image, you will see a setting IN RED that requires your attention, and the default crop will appear on the image. This is what you will be ordering, so make sure that the crop gets adjusted how you want it to look!

~ I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoyed creating it!
Tropical ItchBubbles!Tropical Itch Cover